Drive your energy cost reduction with SHR Energy Management, a pioneer and leader in Solar Power Development and Financing

SHR Energy Management develops solar energy projects and secures financing to help businesses, non-profits, and municipalities reduce their energy costs. The SHR solutions transform a rooftop, a spare parcel of land, or upgraded electrical efficiency infrastructure into value for your bottom line.

SHR is a pioneer in solar power development and financing, focused on commercial and industrial projects in the northeast United States. We are passionate about expanding renewable energy, not only as a means to significantly reduce the escalating cost of energy to the user, but also as a way to reduce the pollution and global warming caused by the burning of carbon fuels.

SHR is widely known as a reliable, deeply-experienced resource for developers and financiers. We know from experience how to bring all the pieces of the solar project puzzle together.  We are problem-solvers. We are flexible in our approach and can move quickly to provide the “missing piece” and resolve problems with your project. We have earned the reputation as “the developers’ developer.”

FinanceOur clients value the hands-on expertise and professionalism we bring to their solar power projects:
  • investment banking experience
  • access to capital funds (over $700 million and growing)
  • solar site selection and development
  • effective legal and financial deal structure
  • state solar policy formation/regulation
  • synergizing with the companies and partnerships that will make a deal work
  • adherence to best practices to reduce developer cost

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What differentiates SHR Energy Management from other solar developers?

  • Management has deep, hands-on experience with all elements of solar power development and financing.
  • Management knows all the best and most reliable project partners in design, construction, finance.
  • SHR’s Turnkey Solution, from start of a project to completion, benefits from partnering with reliable, local providers, instead of investing in a large management staff and having to carry inflated overhead expense.
  • SHR’s strategic approach delivers sustainable return on investment, for investors and power users.
  • SHR contributes its expertise to policymakers and regulators by active membership in state industry groups, facilitating the resolution of differences among the involved parties.
  • As a consultant to industry groups, prospective clients, and active clients, SHR has earned the reputation as “the developers’ developer.”

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