Noel Lafayette

SHR Energy Management was founded by Noel Lafayette, a pioneer solar developer and financier. He is one of the first solar professionals in the Northeast region.

In his early career, he was in the investment banking business, where he was an originator in distressed real estate and private lending. This put him in a unique position to shape the complex transactions during the early years of renewable energy.

From 2006 onward, he held several senior positions, with well respected companies such as UPC Solar, Weston Solutions, and DelSolar, spearheading the Northeastern region.

Today, he is widely recognized as an expert in all aspects of solar power, focusing on finance, development, and origination of commercial, industrial, and small scale utility projects.

Mr. Lafayette founded SHR Energy Management (SHR) in 2012 in order to provide energy at a more competitive cost. While other companies tend to focus on one component of a project, SHR brings depth of expertise with broad-based knowledge of regulatory policy, design, financing, legal matters, and construction. He is a partner in a $20 million nationwide solar fund, as well as raising capital and originating projects for other ongoing solar partnership funds. His access to over $700 million in capital funds enables SHR Energy to close deals successfully.

In recognition of his expertise, Mr. Lafayette has been named to the Board of Directors for Solar Connecticut, Inc., a business and trade association. As the Chair for Governmental Affairs and Policy, he represents Solar Connecticut to the state legislature, utilities, and stakeholders regarding the ongoing development of the solar market and regulatory matters in the state. He is a sought-after speaker and consultant for start- up solar companies and others considering solar project development.

John Jaffray

Since 1995, Mr. Jaffray has been active as a principal in numerous energy and infrastructure investments. In 1995, he founded JPower, an electric power marketing company, and in 1997 he merged JPower’s trading into Northern/AES Energy, a firm managing approximately 1,000 MW of power assets and over $100 million of risk assets. N/AES was sold to the partners in 1999.

In 2004, (with investors) he founded JJR Power, an energy trading and development firm active in MISO, ISO New England and PJM. Since early 2009, he has been focused on finance and development of solar assets and is presently active in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Carolina and Colorado. JJR also was a founder of CAP Solar (2010/11), a $10 million solar fund, partnered with Goldman Sachs, which focuses on solar power for non-profits and community development agencies in New Jersey.

He participated in the founding of SHR Energy in 2012 and continues as an advisor.

Steven L. Marsden, P.E.

Mr. Marsden is SHR Energy’s Consulting Civil Engineer and President of Marsden Engineering, Inc. He guides our projects from site evaluation until final completion.

Steve helps our project investor clients and partners identify the best investments and protect those investments over the long term. Our solutions range from creating renewable project portfolio investment strategies and project-specific due diligence to serving as the investor’s representative during the design, construction and operation of a renewable energy project or portfolio. He provides these services for SHR clients:

  • Deal Sourcing
  • Due Diligence
  • Owner’s Engineering and Construction Oversight
  • Asset Management

Steve is the President of Marsden Engineering Inc., a company he started in 1990, to bring value engineering to his customers. He provides a depth of expertise to benefit SHR clients: as a professional engineer, a contractor, and a real estate broker. Mr. Marsden has been involved in the solar industry in MA, NY, NH, CT since 2009. He has developed and or provided engineering expertise to many public and private solar projects. His combination of skills allows the sites to be evaluated and permitted based on a cost benefit ratio to maximize project success.