As a former investment professional, SHR is in frequent contact with solar power investors and financial advisory professionals. They come to SHR because of its reputation for teaming up with the most capable providers in the northeast region. These investors seek to collaborate with a reliable solar partner, which has demonstrated its professional expertise in project development and funding. This gives SHR access to capital funds totaling over $700 million (and growing).
SHR is active in financing solar power projects and therefore appreciates that financiers want to be offered well-vetted deals to invest in. Presentation of well-vetted deals enables financiers to make a decision to proceed more quickly. Developers get investors who are truly motivated and funded, so that deals can actually close within 60 days.
SHR’s broad knowledge and hands-on experience enable us to work on a “Turnkey” basis, responsible for developing all aspects of a solar project, from start to finish: design, develop, finance, construct, and operate. In this turnkey role, you have one point of contact and accountability.

Alternatively, many project developers choose SHR to play a key role, acting as a partner/consultant in order to fill a “missing link” in completion of a project. Examples of missing links could be obtaining financing, addressing a design issue, maximizing tax benefits and incentives, or legal/permitting issues.

Invariably, whether you choose to work with us on a turnkey basis or as a partner/consultant, we will use our unique experience to review your financing plan, to ensure it is secure and meets your objective.

SHR is often called upon as a consultant to private corporations or government entities, who seek to implement renewables as well energy efficiency measures.

SHR and its Founder and General Partner, Noel Lafayette, provide broad, successful experience with virtually all aspects of solar power development. As a solar industry pioneer, Mr. Lafayette’s deep, hands-on involvement is a unique asset to be applied to your solar project. He knows all the dependable suppliers, sources of financing, and construction. He runs a $20million solar fund and is an active solar PV investor. He is sought after by investment professionals and has access to over $700million in capital funds. As a Board member of Solar Connecticut, he is Chairman of Governmental Affairs and Policy, interfacing with the state legislature, utilities, and stakeholders about the solar market and regulatory matters. He actively participates in policy matters in other Northeastern States, such as New York and Massachusetts, and is a member of several policy advocacy groups.
The Project LLC/ SHR Energy Management will own, operate, and maintain the system when structured as a PPA.
There are no up-front costs or fees in a PPA. All capital costs are the responsibility of SHR Energy Management and its investors. The customer pays SHR monthly for solar energy produced.
To obtain maximum exposure to the sun, the installation should have an unobstructed south-facing exposure, either on the ground or on a rooftop. Southern-facing roofs should ideally be under ten years old. Permits for the installation will be secured in accordance with local building codes and regulations.
No. SHR Energy Management will work with qualified roof contractors who will install the system in a way to maintain roof integrity, extend its life, and maintain its warranties. There will be no roof penetrations required. Ballasted systems will be utilized.
SHR Energy Management is obligated to provide access to the roof at reasonable service rates, if necessary. Prudence in site selection is imperative.
At the end of our agreement, you will have options. You may upgrade to a new system, using the latest solar technology. You may extend the agreement or purchase the system, since the solar energy system will be capable of continuing to produce power for another decade. If negotiated, you may keep the system free of charge. If it is decided to discontinue use of the system, SHR Energy Management is responsible to pay for its removal, and for returning the site to its prior condition.
All solar energy production is monitored via the internet through software in the power inverter. SHR will provide a monitoring site in your building. On the LCD screen, you will learn what solar energy has been produced today/this week/ this month and the operational status of the system. In addition each solar system has its own meter (separate from the regular electrical meter) that gives a monthly record of power produced and consumed.