Drive your energy cost reduction with SHR Energy Management, a pioneer and leader in Solar Power Development and Financing 

SHR Energy Management maintains flexibility to provide the solutions our clients require. Our goal is to use our deep experience to deliver customized projects that provide sustainable energy cost reduction and strong investment returns. Customized approaches range from straightforward design/build solar systems, to comprehensive financing, to consulting on project elements that are blocking plan approval, to energy efficiency upgrades.

Turnkey Solutions

End-to-end solar projects that drive strong client investment returns.

Turnkey SolutionsAs a turnkey provider, SHR will be one point of contact, be accountable, and employ a streamlined, transparent process for the project. We create projects that can produce cash flow positive results. We possess all the resources needed to complete a successful project, from start to finish:

  • Designing and planning the project to optimize delivered value
  • Securing and structuring financing
  • Addressing legal issues and obtaining permits
  • Constructing the PV system
  • Operating and maintaining the system

Partner/Consultant Services

Missing LinkEnsure client access to SHR expertise in whatever aspects of a solar project need completion to close the deal, providing the critical missing piece of the project puzzle.

Usually, this involves securing and structuring financing. With access to over $700 million in financing and years of experience in investment banking, SHR can raise capital or finance with private placement. We often underwrite projects from other energy developers and construction companies.


“SHR was the missing piece we needed.  They provided expedited services, kept an open minded approach with unwavering commitment to exceeding all my expectations and meeting all project deadlines throughout the entire PPA/finance process.”

– Jeffrey Medeiros, President, I.N.O. Electrical Services, Inc.

Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Leverage SHR core competencies that reduce energy cost to boost the bottom line.

Beyond consideration of solar power, energy efficiency upgrades reduce the amount of electricity purchased from the utility grid. By utilizing existing utility incentive programs, tax credits, and traditional financing options we will upgrade the client’s facilities electrical equipment and infrastructure. These traditional programs are well funded by the utility companies.

However, SHR can combine solar and energy efficiency solutions to optimize energy cost savings for the client. Combining these solutions reduces the overall electric power used by the client site, and enhances the output of a solar power system, creating even more savings. This is a win-win solution SHR can provide in delivered value for its client.

Consulting Solutions

Speed the acceptance and growth in solar power usage.

SHR frequently takes consulting assignments with municipalities, architects, and commercial builders, who seek guidance on energy infrastructure for their clients and locations.

SHR delivers value to your bottom line from your rooftop, or your unused land, or your upgraded electrical infrastructure.

Client assignments demonstrate the breadth of SHR’s expertise.

  • 50% are for solar and energy project development: “Turnkey Solutions”
  • 40% are focused on financial advisory and private placement: The “Missing Piece”.
  • 10% is in general consulting and energy efficiency solutions.