Alliance For Solar Choice Praises Noel Lafayette for Advocacy Work

SHR Energy Management News

There has been heated debate in the Connecticut legislature about legislation to take effect in late 2019 that will weaken net-metering for new solar customers, making solar less affordable and less accessible to people across the state. The Alliance For Solar Choice tapped Noel Lafayette, President of SHR Energy Management in Weston Connecticut, to advocate against adoption of the restrictive legislation (SB9).

During the week leading up to the vote, lawmakers said they were being swamped with pro-solar calls and letters calling for SB9 to be fixed. This resulted in an amendment that received broad support among House members, before being rejected by House leadership.

A spokesperson for the Alliance observes “We educated many lawmakers and a number of community organizations and businesses about the positive effects of solar power. Thirty lawmakers have already said they will support a net-metering amendment in the next legislative session.”

The Alliance praised Mr. Lafayette, saying “You set us up well to lead a campaign next year to fix this legislation before the net metering changes go into effect. We know for a fact that voices like yours helped make the difference. Thanks for all you’ve done this year.”