SHR provides comprehensive solar energy solutions

SHR Energy Management provides the solutions our clients require. Our goal is to deliver customized projects that result in sustainable energy cost reduction and strong investment returns. Our services include:

Developing end-to-end solar projects that drive strong client investment returns

Securing and structuring financing for solar projects

Delivering combined solar and energy efficiency solutions to optimize energy cost savings for the client

Consulting with municipalities, architects, and commercial builders who seek guidance on energy infrastructure for their clients and locations


Solar Energy Development

As a solar energy developer, we provide start-to-finish solar energy systems for commercial, municipal, and utility projects.

Obtain permits
Operate and maintain

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Solar Energy Consulting

We offer consulting services that include managing a Request-for-Proposal process, upgrading energy efficiency, and addressing a “missing piece” of a project.

Secure and structure financing
Secure all available incentives with project design
Resolve permitting issues

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