Solar Energy Development

Providing a start-to-finish solar energy system.

Using our experience and access to financing, most often we are the Start-to-Finish Solar Developer.

In this role, SHR develops major end-to-end projects that drive strong client energy cost savings. SHR will be one point of contact, be accountable, and employ a streamlined, transparent process for the project. We create projects that will produce cash-flow positive results. We possess all the resources needed to complete a project from start to finish:

  • Design and plan the project to meet its goals and optimize delivered value.
  • Secure and structure financing.
  • Address legal issues and obtain permits.
  • Construct the PV system as a rooftop or ground array on your property.
  • Operate and maintain the system.

Our completed developments include a wide range of clients: a church, town school systems, town facilities, commercial facilities and local electric utilities.

Over the past eight years, solar power has established its reliability, cost-effectiveness and desirability as a source of clean, renewable energy. We are proud of the leadership role we have played within the Northeastern states to contribute to U.S. energy self-sufficiency.

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