Solar Energy Consulting

Managing a Request-for-Proposal process, upgrading energy efficiency, or addressing a “missing piece” of a project.

SHR Energy Management works closely with clients as a solar energy consultant. Our consulting clients benefit from our extensive experience in the legal, engineering, and financial aspects of solar energy in the Northeast United States.

Managing an RFP Process

Often, public sector and large commercial organizations require a competitive bidding process for major capital investments. This process requires considerable time and puts great demands on internal staff when they try to manage it in-house. SHR Energy Management can manage the end-to-end ‘Request for Proposal’, enabling you to:

  • Speed up project completion
  • Put no additional burdens on their internal staff
  • Access experience in energy strategy and technology
  • Cut through inflated competitive sales presentations and claims
  • Save on project expense

SHR Energy Management will proceed through the seven critical steps necessary to develop and objectively manage the process through to completion:

  1. Develop project specifications to achieve the goals for energy cost reduction and financing.
  2. Write and distribute the Request for Proposal.
  3. Administer the RFP (respond to bidder questions/issues/request for site visits.)
  4. Evaluate all submitted bids, based on predetermined criteria for expense reduction, operating benefits, and quality.
  5. Recommend the winning bidder(s).
  6. Secure and structure financing.
  7. Oversee construction and commissioning.

By working with SHR as an RFP Consultant, our clients enjoy the following benefits:


Reduce Project Expense

An up-front retainer is paid to SHR Energy Management and project fee is based on elements required to execute the strategic plan. This provides flexibility, reduces total expense, and ensures transparency.


Reduce Burden on Client Staff

Time is money. Remove the time and cost burden by having SHR issue the RFP, answer questions from bidders, administer all submitted proposals, objectively evaluate those proposals, and facilitate approval by client decision-makers.


Leverage the Experience of SHR Energy Management

Benefit from our hands-on experience with technologies, financing, system design, and contractor selection.


Have One Point of Contact

SHR provides accountability for the entire project.


In this role SHR develops a plan, using proven technologies that will save cost by reducing energy consumption. Because of the extensive scope of a plan and utilization of several technologies, SHR’s plan will likely assemble certified contractors as necessary. This assures that the client will benefit from up-to-date best practices in the following areas:


Energy Control System

Several technologies are available for storing lower cost solar energy to be used during peak periods of premium-priced power from the utility grid or when solar energy is not being generated.


Reduced Burden on Client Staff

Choosing the proper wattage and lamp type is one aspect for consideration. Amending the facility to obtain more natural light is another. Controlling of the timing of lights on/off can also contribute to energy efficiency savings


Heating and Cooling

This is an area of energy use that has great potential for savings. Controlling variables are managing the timing of heating and cooling, utilizing shade or sunlight to lower the cost, upgrading HVAC equipment.



Choosing the proper wattage and lamp type is one aspect for consideration. Amending the facility to obtain more natural light is another. Controlling of the timing of lights on/off can also contribute to energy efficiency savings.

SHR As Single-Issue Consultant

SHR is proud of its stellar record in filling a critical “missing piece” for project completion. This involves timely problem-solving when another developer/contractor has not been able to provide a solution. Our access to financing resources has resulted in many projects focused on securing and structuring financing. Other projects have involved project design and permitting.


Securing and Structuring Financing

Getting the financing right is a critical aspect of maximizing the benefits of energy management projects. Our track record in this area is widely respected. We not only have access to an array of financial resources, but we also have direct experience in knowing how to structure the financing so that it attracts investment for our client’s project while generating cost savings for that client. It’s a Win-Win.


Securing All Available Incentives with Project Design

States, localities, and utility companies offer an array of incentives for energy management projects. But these are constantly changing, by state, locality, and utility company. It stands to reason that qualifying for more incentives will boost bottom line performance. Our direct experience in many jurisdictions equips us to apply our knowledge to our client’s project. Our capability is enhanced by Mr. Lafayette’s leadership on the Board of Directors for the Solar Connecticut Trade Association, where he serves as Chair of Government Affairs and Policy.


Resolving Permitting Issues

Before project construction can start, any permitting issues must be identified and resolved. SHR’s value as a consultant in this area derives from two assets:

Experience in different jurisdictions and many projects

Policy knowledge and insight stemming from Mr. Lafayette’s role as Chair of Government Affairs and Policy for the Solar Connecticut Trade Association

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