SHR Energy Management Built Solar Array to Save $1.3 Million For Two Connecticut Schools

Noel Lafayette News

SHR Energy Management of Weston, Connecticut has built two ground-mounted arrays of solar panels to satisfy 80 percent of the energy needs for two schools. This project will save an estimated total of $1.3 million over 20 years.

The schools benefitting from this project are Wamogo Regional High School in Litchfield and James Morris School in Morris, both in Region 6, located in northwestern Connecticut.  The schools seek to take pressure off their operating budget without incurring costs to build and operate a PV system.

SHR Energy Management, a leading New England solar developer, designed and built the solar array at no cost to Region 6.  It will also bear the cost of owning, operating, maintaining, inspecting and monitoring the system.

SHR President Noel Lafayette also serves on the Board of Directors for Solar Connecticut as Chair for Governmental Affairs and Policy.  Both roles provide him with insight about the growth and need for solar power in New England. He observes, “My work with Solar Connecticut gives me a broader perspective to understand the legislative policy implications for maintaining a vibrant solar power market.”

Lafayette continues, “From both vantage points we are seeing greatly increased interest among leaders of municipal and commercial organizations in reducing their energy costs. They know it is imperative to be able to leverage the savings into improving their operation and remaining competitive. We can also demonstrate that solar energy has proven itself over the past five years: it is reliable, the savings are real, installation costs have dropped significantly, and it contributes a progressive image to the municipality or organization.”